INTECRAL WP3: Promotion for rehabilitation measure

In March 2016, the implementation of a pilot pasture rehabilitation measure in Itaocara, RJ has been finalized. With the support of Pesagro-Rio, Emater-Rio staff members and the property owner Paulo César Alves, three terraces have been installed and planted with native woody species. Additionally, the project team installed a large public billboard right in front of the pilot measure, indicating all participating partners and the general intentions of the activity.

INTECRAL Workshop on activities status and progress 

On the 14th of September 2015, an INTECRAL- Workshop on activities status and progress was held in Cologne, Germany. 

The meeting organized by the coordination team of the ITT – TH Köln, brought together 39 participants, including representatives from the partner universities as well as the private companies. Moreover, we were honored by the visit of delegation of INTECRAL Brazilian partners from Rio Rural. Helga Hissa, Nelson Teixeira, Marcelo da Costa, Luiz Antonio Antunes and Jose Marcio Ferreira, had the opportunity during their visit in Germany to discuss and plan future activities within the project with the German partners. Additionally, the PhD candidates and Master students involved in the project presented advances within the research of each work package.

Hydrological Modelling Training in Nova Friburgo (June 23rd until June 26th 2015)

In June 2015 a training course on hydrological modelling was held in Nova Friburgo. The course was supported by the INTECRAL-project and organized by Rio Rural/INTECRAL partners from the Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura e Pecuária (SEAPEC, Brazil) and the University of Jena (Germany).

INTECRAL WP3 News: Pilot rehabilitation measure

Since June 2015, the work package 3 team and the local offices of Emater-Rio and Pesagro-Rio are implementing a pilot rehabilitation measure on a pasture hill in Itaocara, RJ.

INTECRAL Workshop in Cologne, Germany

From 15 – 16 January of 2015, an INTECRAL-Workshop was held in Cologne, Germany. The different project members got together to evaluate the status of the project and to communicate the activities achieved per work package in the year 2014. Along the two-day workshop the INTECRAL team also determined the future activities and stablished a work plan for the year 2015 identifying synergies and possible linkages between work packages. A group of PhD candidates and ITT - Master Students was invited in order to integrate their research ideas and activities to the INTECRAL project.